What to do and see?

There are virtually endless opportunities in Kraków and the surrounding areas for spending time according to your interests. From just walking or cycling around on a rented bike, kayaking on Vistula river, hopping between restaurants, sightseeing in the old parts of Kraków and old Jewish city Kazimierz, through scuba-diving, rock climbing, caving, and horse riding, all within 30 km from Kraków, to wilderness walks in Bieszczady Mountains, some 200 km from Kraków, or alpine-style mountaineering in Tatra Mountains, just 100 km from Kraków. Longer trips to remote areas, and especially to the world-famous Białowieża National Park and to the nearby Biebrza National Park, will offer you opportunity to admire the primeval temperate forest and vast wetlands. Go there for serious birdwatching and kayaking, or to see wolves and European bisons.

About our concise guidebook

Please, feel free to browse through our BEYOND CONGRESS panel. We do not aim to provide you with a complete and regular tourist information. Informative guidebooks, in English and many other languages, are widely available in Kraków's major book stores, right in the city center. You will also have absolutely no problem to get decent tourist information from Kraków's information centers (http://www.krakow.pl/english/visit_krakow/38123,artykul,infokrakow_points.html). We hope to inspire your visit, to offer hints about what to do in Kraków, surrounding areas, and in some must-to-see places in the Country. This may help you to plan ahead your stay during the Congress and maybe after the Congress. Our main motivation of BEYOND CONGRESS is to share with you our personal knowledge and experience, which you will not find in guidebooks. All of us are enthusiasts of nature, we run field studies in different parts of Poland, some of us are interested in history, others engage in different sport and tourist activities.

We are constantly working to update BEYOND CONGRESS, according to ideas about "what to do and see" that are coming to us and are suggested by our friends.


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